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Norse bloody stripe. 925 Sterling silver necklace. Viking jewelry. Mens luxury accessories.

Norse bloody stripe. 925 Sterling silver necklace. Viking jewelry. Mens luxury accessories.

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Mens necklace, 925 Sterling silver. Paracord necklace with beads. Mjolnir necklace. Celtic knot.

Stylish men's handmade paracord necklaces for those who always move forward. These fashion accessories are made of extremely durable, scratch-resistant rope and original 925 Sterling silver runic beads, as well as the Hammer of Thor pendant . These necklaces are perfect for both men and women. Each necklace is finely handmade. The process of making one necklace can take up to 100 minutes - it requires the closest attention to ensure the highest possible quality.
Necklaces are made of high quality ropes used in sailing and mountain climbing. The rope is scratch resistant, so even after a year you will not see big changes in its appearance.
Water protection - Yes, you CAN go for a swim or take a shower by wearing it. The necklace dries out very quickly (about 1-2 minutes), so you will not feel any discomfort on the body.
How to choose the size of your necklace.
The ideal necklace size is a girth of 50-60 centimeters. But I can make an individual size necklace for you.
For this necklace I use beads made of pure 925 sterling silver. The total weight of silver in this necklace is 65.06 grams.
The necklace is made of black microcord. I can make a necklace for you from your favorite color of the cord.
This necklace will be the perfect gift for men who prefer the brutal Viking style, for bikers, for the groom, for the husband, for the brother, for the son, for the friend. The necklace is delivered in an original gift box on which the brand logo "KNOTFinds"is applied.

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Customer Reviews

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Bought this bracelet as a gift for my boyfriend and he loved it! Its beautifully detailed while being rugged at the same time and he says it doesnt feel heavy. Just the sort of thing he'd been looking for!


Awesome quality and service! Love it!


Love it! Great looking bracelet and very well made.


Great bracelet! Perfect gift for those showing Celtic pride!


My second time buying this! I bought this before amongst other bracelets for my son’s. I had to get this for myself!!

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