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Runic necklace with pendant Thor's Hammer. Tutorial weaving. Instruction for weaving paracord necklace. Viking jewelry.

Runic necklace with pendant Thor's Hammer. Tutorial weaving. Instruction for weaving paracord necklace. Viking jewelry.

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Tutorials weaving thin paracord necklace. Viking jewelry. Runic necklace, Thor's Hammer pendant. DIY gift. Mjolnir.
Instructions for creating a necklace with your own hands.
This guide contains all the information you will need to make this cute Viking braided necklace .

Mens necklace . Nordic style . Mens accessory. Viking jewelry. Paracord necklace .

I love making this simple necklace as much as I love wearing it. And now you can do it too! The instruction consists of a video lesson and textual accompaniment of the video with technological characteristics and details. The duration of the video lesson is 24 minutes. To work with the instructions, you need a basic level of knowledge about paracord.
We all have close people, relatives, family. And, of course, there are circumstances when all of them have to give gifts. We want the gift to convey feelings and emotions. In my store you will find information on how to make gifts with your own hands. These are original products, bracelets, necklaces, paracord 550, jewelry.
Stylish handmade paracord necklace for those who are always moving forward. These fashion accessories are made of extremely durable, scratch-resistant rope and original brass beads.
These necklace are ideal for both men and women. The process of making one necklace can take up to 50 minutes - it requires the closest attention to ensure the highest possible quality.
Necklaces are made of high quality ropes used in sailing and mountaineering. The rope is scratch resistant, so even after a year you will not see a big change in its appearance.
Water defense - Yes, you CAN go for a swim or shower while putting it on. The necklace dries very quickly (about 1-2 minutes), so you will not feel any discomfort on your hand.
Length standart necklace 60 centimeters.

I reserve the rights to all images and instructions in this product listing and the downloadable PDF manual. The tutorial and design, including all images, are copyrighted and the exclusive property of KNOTFindsTUTORials. You may not copy, sell or redistribute this template under any circumstances. You cannot teach this design without my written permission. This manual is intended for private usе.

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