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Runic paracord bracelet.Valknut symbol.

Runic paracord bracelet.Valknut symbol.

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Runic paracord bracelet.Valknut symbol. Viking
Stylish handmade paracord bracelets for those who are always moving forward. These fashion accessories are made of extremely durable, scratch-resistant rope and original steel beads runes, and VALKNUT symbol.
These bracelets are ideal for both men and women. Each bracelet is precisely made by hand. The process of making one bracelet can take up to 50 minutes - it requires the closest attention to ensure the highest possible quality.
Bracelets are made of high quality ropes used in sailing and mountaineering. The rope is scratch resistant, so even after a year you will not see a big change in its appearance.
Water defense - Yes, you CAN go for a swim or shower while putting it on. The bracelet dries very quickly (about 1-2 minutes), so you will not feel any discomfort on your hand.

How to choose the size of your bracelet.
Each bracelet I make individually and personally for the buyer's hand. You make an order, and in the order write me a message, in the message indicate the girth of the wrist for which you need to make a bracelet. The listing has a photo example of how to measure your hand. Give me the exact size, do not make any tolerances. I myself will add everything that is necessary for the perfect length of the bracelet. The ideal length of the bracelet of this model is the girth of the wrist + 2.5 centimeters

The size “S” has a bracelet length of 19 centimeters, ideal for a hand with a wrist grip of 15-16 centimeters.
The size “M” has a bracelet length of 21 centimeters, ideal for a hand with a wrist grip of 17-18 centimeters.
The size “L” has a bracelet length of 23 centimeters, ideal for a hand with a wrist grip of 19-20 centimeters.
The size “XL” has a bracelet length of 24 centimeters, ideal for a hand with a wrist grip of 21 centimeters.

This man celtic bangle is made of paracord navy blue and black color. I can make for you a bracelet from your favorite color of paracord.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing quality!!! Love these!!!


I am in love with this new bracelet for my collection!! It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much Alen for a such a fabulous piece. XXOO


My order shipped in good time, and arrived in good order. The seller - Alen - is very attentive. (He wrote asking me about my order on the day it arrived.) The "Black Viking" bracelet (which I bought with the Thor's Hammer bracelet, also pictured) is a great looking piece. The cord is a deep black, and the steel beads are clear and fine. The center bead represents the Valknut (as it is known today). To Valknut's left is Aegishjalmur or Helm Of Awe. On the far right, a symbol called Valkyrie (this one was new to me). This is a great piece, and I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you very much for your hard work and craftsmanship.

The process of creating bracelets